‘Every once in a while, we win one.’

A volunteer writes:

Last February we had a young man come walking through our doors. A young lad of mid to late twenties.

He had broken down with his girlfriend, struggling to stay clean and sober, so tired of the way he was living.

He went on to talk of how he wanted to be a better father, maybe repair his relationship, both with his girlfriend , the mother of his child, and repair if he could his family relations.

He had been living hard; he may not have hit bottom, but he sure was feeling the fall.

I could see that he still had some spark going on and a will that still had fuel.

Anyway we agreed to meet and he got hooked up with a counsellor. I had sent word to a friend who said they could always use a good man. As it turned out they knew each other from a previous employer.

Making a long story short, the following Saturday in walks this young lad, pulls out a paper and with a smile on his face announces he got a job.

He went on to say, had it not been for the Out Of The Cold program, this may never have happened.

With all the sadness we see, all the pain we try to comfort, every once in a while, we get lucky with a guest, and as I like to say, we win one.

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